Gluten Free – still need to be dairy free …

I’ve been doing pretty well with the gluten free diet. Feeling better, so I thought, “why not try some dairy ?” I added some plain Chobani to my smoothies this week, and well, now I’m back to needing Benadryl … Maybe I’ll try again in a few months …


Gluten Free – Almost one week with no coffee … now cutting out nightshades.

After almost one week with no coffee, I don’t notice any difference yet. But, I will keep it up for another week anyway. However, what I noticed recently, after going through my food diary, is that potatoes seem to bother me (nightshade family) so, I will be cutting out potatoes (and any other nightshades) starting today. I have read that it might take 1-3 months to notice a difference when cutting out nightshades, so this might be a long wait. We will see how it goes 🙂

If that doesn’t get anywhere, then I will move on to the chocolate, rice, etc … (although, I haven’t had any chocolate this week either, but not because I’m cutting it out, it just hasn’t blessed me with its presence 😦


Gluten Free – Starting gluten cross-reactive elimination diet today …

While I have been doing much better on the gluten free diet (really, I mean MUCH better than before) there are still a few things that bug me every now and then. Still have occasional unexplained fatigue, muscles seem to be injured (sore) rather easily, occasional headaches and flu like symptoms, and occasional allergies … I’m not sure if I’m getting “glutened” or not. But I don’t think so. So, it may be a problem with other foods.

I have learned that certain foods can cross-react with gluten, meaning that they will cause the same symptoms as gluten. Learn more at: Jane’s Healthy Kitchen by reading 10 Gluten Cross-Reactive Foods to Avoid

I will be eliminating coffee first. I will try this for two weeks and see how I feel. After that, if needed, I will try eliminating chocolate (milk chocolate with sugar) unsweetened cocoa is OK. Yay 🙂

After that, if I still don’t feel better, I will try eliminating potatoes, and then rice. The other foods on the list I don’t eat.

We will see how it goes !