Gluten Free – Is Trader Joe’s Hemp Protein Powder Gluten Free ?


Is this stuff gluten free or not ??? It says on their PDF that it’s not. But, I don’t see any obvious gluten containing ingredients. I just contacted them, they have not gotten back to me yet. I am going to stop using it until I find out for sure …

* Update 3/4/13 – T.J.’s just got back to me, and the Vanilla Organic Hemp Protein Powder does not contain any gluten ingredients, but it is not processed in a dedicated facility … trying to decide whether to finish the rest or not …


Gluten Free – reintroduced soy & egg

After 30 days of being soy & egg free, I reintroduced soy first (I know, I know soy is evil …) After about a week, I did not notice any problems from the soy. Then I reintroduced eggs. I had one poached egg. Within 30 minutes, my throat and ears felt itchy, I was sneezing and coughing …
I felt better the next day, so I made a GF cookie mix that used one egg. After two cookies, I was congested again and my tongue and throat were a little sore. Guess I need to avoid eggs ?

Gluten Free + Grain, Dairy, Soy & Egg Free – Day 13 – 20

I’ve managed to stick with half of this diet, I am still soy & egg free, but not dairy and grain. I got sick with some sort of stomach illness last week and the only thing that seemed to soothe my stomach was Rice Chex and yogurt. Oddly enough, I have been doing quite well with this, so I will stick with only being soy & egg free for the rest of the 30 days (10 to go.)

Plus, I’m almost to TWO whole months gluten free !!!