Time to get serious!


OK, pretty sure here that my fatigue is related to Hypermobility Syndrome. After watching (several times) this video:

This is a video by Dr. Alan Pocinki at the CSF Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome Colloquium


I am going to try and attempt to implement some of these suggestions: support/compression stockings, adequate hydration, etc… where do you find non-deglycyrrhizinated licorice?

Here’s to having some hope 🙂



Methyl Folate!

Just started Methyl Folate – * fingers crossed * that I’m one of the many that has the MTHFR defect and this will finally ………. make me feel better.

* Ugh! Stopped that after about a week – felt worse!



So… the energy (or lack thereof) problem. I have tried so many things over the years to get more energy and hopefully wake up feeling refreshed. I’ve tried Vitamin B6, B12, Quercetin, gluten free diet (still on for other reasons) other things I can’t remember at the moment… and now LDN. So far, nothing has made a lasting difference, usually it will get better anywhere from a few days to a few weeks and then my body just goes back to where it was, like some sort of perverse homeostasis. Now, it hasn’t quite been a month yet on the LDN, and while I do have a little more energy during the day, I’m going back to waking up groggy and exhausted. I am beginning to think that my fatigue is just related to my Hypermobility Syndrome and there is nothing that can be done about that 😦


Here’s a PDF on fatigue and Ehlers Danlos: